The Problem: Lack of Consensus on Facts

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.” While this statement holds true, our polarized society struggles to agree on even the most basic facts.

Many questions inherently have a single correct answer, either true or false. However, in debates, “experts” on all sides claim to follow the same research protocols yet arrive at completely contradictory conclusions. Each side funds research that the other side dismisses. Skeptics argue that well-funded establishment research is biased due to financial interests, while the establishment criticizes skeptics’ research as sensationalist clickbait designed to attract attention.

As a result, people are forced to make decisions based on faith, siding with the party that appears more credible to them.

FactMission: Funding Neutral, Transparent Research to Establish Consensus

Fact Mission is an innovative initiative that aims to settle controversial issues by inviting all sides to propose disputed core assumptions and agree on a research protocol to resolve them. Donations for each “FactMission” are exclusively used for the specific research, conducted by neutral, respected institutions that all parties agree upon and supervise. The foundation’s expenses and staff compensation cannot be funded by these donations.

For example, the “ChemTrails” theory suggests that airplanes are spraying geoengineering chemicals into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight. While a documentary claimed to have proof, it was not widely accepted due to the researchers’ bias. FactMission proposes a solution: believers and doubters collaborate to identify the chemicals in question, agree on neutral labs and charter plane operators, and supervise the research process. FactMission receives donations to fund the research and publishes the results without taking sides, allowing all parties to form opinions based on proven facts.

A novel research initiative can address important concerns polarizing our society if:

Neutral: It must welcome experts from all sides, skeptics and establishment alike, to agree on research protocols that all sides agree would provide insight

Non-profit: Free of conflicts of interest

Apolitical: Not take sides, not get involved in politics or policy making

Transparent: Funding must support original research conducted neutrally, transparently, and under public scrutiny, with supervision from experts representing all viewpoints.

Scientific: It cannot be journalistic or benefit from sensational headlines that dismiss innocent explanations

Fact-based: Only publishing findings without stating opinions, proposing hypotheses, speculating on conclusions or establishing subjective limits that it would lean toward defending

Consensus-driven: Success must be measured, not by proving a theory but by producing quality research all sides accept

Funded by no-strings-attached donations: Each “Fact Mission” must be funded by donations that can be earmarked for a particular mission with a firewall so preventing donors from exerting any influence

Join the cause

My name is Aaron Baalbergen.  I’ve spent most of my life developing free open-source software.  I’m working on the software platform to allow the public to recommend, vote on, donate towards, and track the progress of Fact Missions.

I registered Fact Mission in Nevada as non-profit, awaiting IRS approval as a 501(c)(3) non-profit research foundation.  To counter-balance my views as a skeptic, I am seeking establishment experts willing to join the board of directors and/or advisers to ensure FactMission’s will satisfy both sides.  Any with experience in non-profit and scientific research, please email